Easy Tips To Take Care Of Your Hands And Feet

After face, the most attractive body parts are beautiful hands and feet. One can easily guess the beauty of the person from the hands and feet as the face cannot say all, that much, how much your hands and feet tells you about. These are indeed the delicate part, of which if we don’t take care can become worse as we do every single thing by our hands starting from eating drinking picking objects till cleaning, etc. As hands are sensitive and are more exposed to sunlight water and chemicals present in detergents, surface cleaner, and soaps, etc., so they need proper care.

Also, beautiful feet are the add-on in our personality, and cracked heels are always one of the reasons of embarrassment in front of our friend family or coworkers. So taking care of feet along with hands is equally crucial.

Beautiful soft and attractive hand and feet are the dream of almost every girl as it adds the charm in one’s personality and for this regular hand and feet, care is mandatory.

Following are the tips which can help you in making your hands and feet more attractive, soft and beautiful:

Useful tips

  • Application of glycerin mixture:

The most economical and natural way is to take three-quarters glycerin with one-quarter rose water. Mix well and apply every night before going to bed. You will start observing the ultimate result within 15 days.

  • Honey mixture: Combine honey, glycerin, and egg white. Mix them well and make a paste and apply on hands. Wash it after ten minutes with lukewarm water.
  • Egg mixture: Take one egg yolk, two tablespoon lemon juice, and two teaspoons rose water. Place them all in a bowl and keep stirring them until well blended. Apply on your hands and feet and massage gently for ten minutes. Then rinse with lukewarm water and mild soap.
  • Manicure: once a week do homemade manicure by soaking the hands or feet in warm water, applying lotion and then massaging, scrubbing them with crushed sugar and after washing hands/feet, towel dry them and apply a moisturizer.
  • Salt and Vaseline mixture: For cracked heels take the bit of hot water, add four tablespoon salt and two tablespoon Vaseline in water and soak your feet for almost thirty minutes, after that scrub your feet with heel brush. Wash your feet and apply Vaseline before going to bed and leave it overnight. Keep using Vaseline for a week for amazing results.
  • Coconut oil: using coconut oil day every day gives your hand an extra shine.
  • Cucumber juice mixture: Three tablespoon glycerin along with two tablespoon cucumber juice can give your hands a soft and supple touch
  • Olive oil mixture: Application of Olive oil mixed with equal quantity of lime juice can give your hands a beautiful look.
  • Tomato juice mixture: Take equal proportions of lime juice, tomato juice, and glycerin and apply every night on your hands and feet for ten days.
  • Orange juice mixture: Make a mix of honey and orange juice and apply it on your hands. Wash it with warm water after fifteen minutes.
  • The habit of wearing gloves: Always make it a habit of wearing gloves while working in kitchen washing dishes or laundry or doing gardening.
  • Moisturizing: Always moisturize your hands after every hand wash or at least twice a day.

You Can Keep that It Girl Look

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Many young models have careers like hers where they become widely popular, but as they get older they start to show the wear of age and it is not long before their success is tarnished. They are no longer as popular, because they do not look as young and sexy as they once had. This becomes the kiss of death to many young models’ careers.  That is not what happened to Brinkley, however.

The Secret to Her Success

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What Happens in Aging

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