How to Keep Skin Looking Young at Every Age?

There are so many products and creams available in the market that it sometimes becomes very difficult to choose for your particular skin type. Some people also need guidance about when they should actually start using anti-aging products. Thus, to clear out these confusions and many others, our team in collaboration with Dr. Angela Lamb who is a dermatologist in NYC made a road map to look at what to use at a particular age.

Skin professional list a few practices that you need to perform every day no matter what your age is. If you have the habit of doing these skin rituals from a very young age, your skin will remain fresh and healthy all through your life.

Below is a list of all these rituals:

Wear sunscreen every day!

Sunscreen helps prevent wrinkles, dark patches, and even cancer.

Invest in your skin care

Yes, it is recommended by all the dermatologists and skin professionals to use good skin care products. After all, you are going to put that stuff on your skin, and you won’t like to use a third-grade quality. The tip is to invest more in the moisturizer than a cleanser.

Exercise, eat well and sleep

Nothing can beat a healthy lifestyle if you want to get a good skin. Even if you buy the most expensive brands, if you are not eating healthy or taking proper sleep, it is somehow going to show up on your skin.

Remember Genetics

Genetics play a very important role in how your skin reacts when you age.

Here is the account of all the things you can do in your 20’s, 30’ and 40’s and beyond.

From age 20-25

When you are in your 20’s, you should try to focus on the hydration of your skin. Do not let your skin get dry. Here are a few tips that can help:

  • Drink a lot of water
  • Regularly use moisturizer
  • Choose a gentle cleanser
  • Start using acne products

From age 25-35

The focus during this period is to prevent your skin from caused unnecessary damage. Prevention also means to take care of the skin on a regular basis. Here are few things you can do:

  • Use the products that contain retinol
  • Get good facials whenever possible
  • If you want to go for botox, this is the time
  • Focus on getting a diet rich in vitamin A and C
  • Always get the opinion of your dermatologist if you are considering to try something new
  • Do not forget to moisturize your skin on regular basis

From age 35-45

This is the time to take some action for your skin. Whether you are considering laser treatments or using fillers. This is the time to decide and experiment.

  • Motorization is the key to healthy skin. Do not forget to moisturize your skin.
  • Consider fillers if you really want to
  • You can go for gentle lasers if you think you need one

From age 45 and onwards

This is the time when your hard work will pay off. If you have taken care of the skin, your skin will look fresh and radiant even after crossing 60.

What Is Mindful Eating And Can It Be Incorporated Into Our Lives?

Eating “Mindlessly” can have negative consequences for health, for instance bloating, gas, weight gain, digestive issues, and disruption to signals of satiety and hunger. This is the reason behind eating mindfully that is becoming more typical in our nation. It is a way to disrupt away from limit and learn the way of embracing and relishing eating and food.

What Is Mindful Eating?

Watchful eating is based on the concept of mindfulness of Buddha, which includes being completely conscious about the happening within and around you at the minute. When applied to consuming, this means perceiving the colors, smells, flavors and consistencies of your food. It, too, involves chewing more slowly, getting rid of interruptions, such as the computer or TV, during times of eating and keeping away from anxiety and guilt over food.

Watchful eating emphases on being available for each feeling that happens during the process of eating, such as chewing, tasting, smelling and even swallowing and knowing the exact way of listening and trusting your body to tell you when you are full and hungry. It is learning how to escalate what really food taste like and taking the time to taste every bite. When you are consuming mindfully, you are in charge of your consumption and no longer feel the requirement to be preventive.

4 Ways to Incorporate Mindful Eating

Only consume while sitting at the table from a plate.

1. Eat with your non-dominant hand

In order, to let the process of eating slow down, the thing you can do is to actually chew every bite. The target should be to take a minimum of 20 minutes to ingest your meal.

2. Rate your hunger

Before taking a bite, measure your hunger on a scale from 1 to 10 with 1 being not wanting to eat at all and 10 being “if I do not consume right away, I will die.” If you are consuming at a level of hunger less than 4, you are prone to eating out of boredom or habitual. It’s all right to consume for those causes as long as you are mindful and making the decision consciously to do so.

3. Try to decide what is really going to satisfy you

Do not just snatch what is close to you, but in its place ask yourself, what you really want to eat. When you are truly clever to interpret what you actually want and consume that, you are not tending to eat too much. If you truly crave for ice cream, then go onward and have it slowly without guiltiness.

4. Remember your last bite

Consume your desired food at the end, so you will know that food and feel more content. This aids in the prevention of you from returning for more eating.

Consuming mindfully takes exercise and might seem like enormous hard work. Eating mindfully is about more than reducing weight. It is about emerging a healthy relationship with eating and food. Life is too little to not involve in that.


Tips For Good Hair

Hair reflects your personality and health. When they are kept under proper care, they complement your beauty. On the contrary, when you do not care about them, you only end up having dull, dry and brittle hair which leads your hair to fall quickly, causes dandruff and form split ends. Following are the suggestions for having good hair:

  • Well balance Diet: For the reduction or prevention of hair loss, a well-balanced diet having good amounts of calcium silica, and iron is advisable. For having a diet rich in minerals, consumption of vegetables having green leaves, particularly sea vegetables is suggested. Raw oat is a good source of silica. Consume a lot of iron-containing foods, like liver (not recommended during pregnancy) and other organ meat, eggs, whole grain cereals, dates, vegetables with dark green leave, and raisins. Naturally, the hair is made up mainly of protein, that’s why, for the support of hair growth, stick to a high protein diet.
  • Regular Trimming: Go for regularly trimming of your hair (recommendation is of about once in every two months). The reason behind this is that trimming is vital for the achievement of layers which is a necessary element for reshaping of hair.
  • Combing: Comb your hair only when they are dry. Combing wet hair causes them to break down easily and leads to their destruction.
  • Choose a simple Shampoo: Select and purchase simple, inexpensive shampoos that only claims to remove the dirt and the oil away. Whenever you use shampoo with a more complex formula and of a high price, it always ends up with doing nothing really great to your hair.
  • Conditioners: These are recommended when you feel dryness and lifelessness in your hair. In this case, washing of hair infrequently is advised. For the proper application of conditioner, condition only the downward layers of your hair and do not apply it on your scalp. Moreover, excessive conditioning causes our hair to become hard that tend towards their breakdown.
  • The way of Sleeping: Combing your hair before sleeping at night. Put any band, clip or ponytail off from your hair. In fact, your hair is affected by the position of your sleeping. Insomniac people tend to have breaks in their hair. For people with insomnia, use a pillowcase of satin is recommended. In this way, your hair flow when you change your position during sleep. On the other hand, the use of regular cotton pillows makes the hair to caught and crack.
  • The pattern of Washing: Everybody has different types of hair. The type of your hair is the determinant of the regime of your cleansing. According to this, some people may require washing their hair on a daily basis, others after one day, and some may require to shampoo only one time per week. The temperature of water also matters here. It should be normal neither very hot nor very cold. For smooth massaging or scrubbing the scalp always use your fingertips. In this case, avoid using your nails. Rinsing your hair properly is also recommended for the complete removal of the shampoo out of your hair.

Method Of Oil Cleansing

What is the Oils Cleansing Method?

It is based upon principals of like dissolves like. The oils are used to clean the skin by dissolving the oil on top of the skin. It is good to do the cleansing.

Acne is everyone’s problem. Your skin gets oily, but cleansing can clean your skin easily

Will Cleansing Method of oils make the skin shiny mess?

This method of oil cleansing can balance your skin’s oil naturally. Your skin produces a lot of oil. By cleansing, you can stop oil which comes from the skin. Oil comes from sebaceous glands but could be removed by this method.

How to wash while using oil with method?

The oil cleansing basic routine should be as follows:

  • Wash your face with warm water then pat dry
  • Then massage oil with fingers on your face for one to two minutes, especially that area which is clogged pores.
  • Apply hot cloth on your face not hot only warm, too hot will burn your face.

Which Cleansing oils are best oils for cleansing?

It is best to utilize astringent oil. You need nourishing oils for your skin.  Oils are according to your skin type. You need to see which type of skin you have dry, oily, etc.

Two types: Oils of astringent

There are two types of astringent oils commonly used:

  • Hazelnut oil
  • Castor oil

It is astringent oil. Castor oil is used less as compare to other cleansing oils. It usually dries the skin. It also does not suit the environment.

Oils that nourish makes your skin glow and makes it shine.

The most common oils are coconut oil and olive oil. These are used most of the time. Some people do not feel that it shows good results. Every oil is not good for every person’s skin. You need to see which suits you or you need to try different oil cleansing methods for best results.

  • Basic tricks of oil cleansing blend formula

For different skin combinations following should be the cleansing blend formula:

  1. When you have normal skin, and it turns to oily skin then use one part oil of astringent to three part of nourishing oils.
  2. For the combination of skin use one part of astringent oil to five nourishing oils parts.
  3. When you have dry skin, then use one part for astringent oil to ten part nourishing oils.
  • After how many days the skin cleansing should be done?

Your face has a lot of dirt when you wake up and leave your home. The pollution, smoke, mud, petrol, the polluted air, etc. attack your face. You need to do the cleansing. You should cleanse your face with proper oil which suits your face. Cleansing should be done after at least fourteen days.

Why cleansing is important?

Following are the advantages of cleansing skin:

  • You look fresh.
  • You look neat and presentable
  • You do not have acne
  • Your makeup stays and looks perfect.
  • Without cleansing, you have blackheads on your face.
  • Your face gets free from wrinkles for a long time. Therefore, cleansing is important in life.

Easy Tips To Take Care Of Your Hands And Feet

After face, the most attractive body parts are beautiful hands and feet. One can easily guess the beauty of the person from the hands and feet as the face cannot say all, that much, how much your hands and feet tells you about. These are indeed the delicate part, of which if we don’t take care can become worse as we do every single thing by our hands starting from eating drinking picking objects till cleaning, etc. As hands are sensitive and are more exposed to sunlight water and chemicals present in detergents, surface cleaner, and soaps, etc., so they need proper care.

Also, beautiful feet are the add-on in our personality, and cracked heels are always one of the reasons of embarrassment in front of our friend family or coworkers. So taking care of feet along with hands is equally crucial.

Beautiful soft and attractive hand and feet are the dream of almost every girl as it adds the charm in one’s personality and for this regular hand and feet, care is mandatory.

Following are the tips which can help you in making your hands and feet more attractive, soft and beautiful:

Useful tips

  • Application of glycerine mixture:

The most economical and natural way is to take three-quarters glycerine with one-quarter rose water. Mix well and apply every night before going to bed. You will start observing the ultimate result within 15 days.

  • Honey mixture: Combine honey, glycerin, and egg white. Mix them well and make a paste and apply on hands. Wash it after ten minutes with lukewarm water.
  • Egg mixture: Take one egg yolk, two tablespoon lemon juice, and two teaspoons rose water. Place them all in a bowl and keep stirring them until well blended. Apply on your hands and feet and massage gently for ten minutes. Then rinse with lukewarm water and mild soap.
  • Manicure: Once a week do homemade manicure by soaking the hands or feet in warm water, applying lotion and then massaging, scrubbing them with crushed sugar and after washing hands/feet, towel dry them and apply a moisturizer.
  • Salt and Vaseline mixture: For cracked heels take the bit of hot water, add four tablespoon salt and two tablespoon Vaseline in water and soak your feet for almost thirty minutes, after that scrub your feet with heel brush. Wash your feet and apply Vaseline before going to bed and leave it overnight. Keep using Vaseline for a week for amazing results.
  • Coconut oil: Using coconut oil day every day gives your hand an extra shine.
  • Cucumber juice mixture: Three tablespoon glycerine along with two tablespoon cucumber juice can give your hands a soft and supple touch
  • Olive oil mixture: Application of Olive oil mixed with equal quantity of lime juice can give your hands a beautiful look.
  • Tomato juice mixture: Take equal proportions of lime juice, tomato juice, and glycerin and apply every night on your hands and feet for ten days.
  • Orange juice mixture: Make a mix of honey and orange juice and apply it on your hands. Wash it with warm water after fifteen minutes.
  • The habit of wearing gloves: Always make it a habit of wearing gloves while working in kitchen washing dishes or laundry or doing gardening.
  • Moisturizing: Always moisturize your hands after every hand wash or at least twice a day.

You Can Keep that It Girl Look

In the 1980s and 1990s, there was no more noticeable face than that of Christie Brinkley. The model became a massive star, being the pinup girl on many young teen’s wall. She was incredibly gorgeous, not only in her skimpy bikini, but here face was stunning. She was the true “It girl.”

Many young models have careers like hers where they become widely popular, but as they get older they start to show the wear of age and it is not long before their success is tarnished. They are no longer as popular, because they do not look as young and sexy as they once had. This becomes the kiss of death to many young models’ careers.  That is not what happened to Brinkley, however.

The Secret to Her Success

While many models saw their careers start to diminish over time, that was not the case for Brinkley. She continued to look beautiful and saw a very minimal drop-off in her career. She was still widely popular and for one primary reason – she did appear to age very much at all. Brinkley still looks as amazing as ever.

How was she able to keep such a youthful look? The answer is quite a simple one – she used the Christie Brinkley anti aging wrinkle cream to keep the youthful look.

This bio-clock activator system is one of the best on the market at helping women to stay young and vibrant looking. Brinkley is in her 50s, but looks absolutely amazing and it is because of this cream that she is aging so gracefully.

What Happens in Aging

There are five signs that a person is aging: their skin wrinkles, it sags, it loses its natural color, age spots appear, and there is creepiness to their skin. These are all part of the process of aging.

What makes the Christie Brinkley anti aging wrinkle cream so good is that it works to turn back the clock on the skin by removing these symptoms that show in a person who is beginning the aging process.

The cream provides three benefits. First, it helps to support the natural collagen that is in the skin, making it look more firm and smooth. It protects the skin so that not only does it still moist, but the color remains. Lastly, it instantly works to remove the lines that cause wrinkles.

You may wonder if this cream really works, but all you have to do to know is to take a look at Brinkley herself. She looks absolutely amazing, and looks like she has aged just a few years since her peak in the 80s, and not someone who has aged decades.

This anti-aging cream contains oils, minerals, and supplements that will do a great deal to improve the health of your skin. This will literally help to turn back the clock on your face, and make you look even more beautiful than you have looked or felt for a decade or more. This is the solution to your concerns about aging.