How to Keep Skin Looking Young at Every Age?

There are so many products and creams available in the market that it sometimes becomes very difficult to choose for your particular skin type. Some people also need guidance about when they should actually start using anti-aging products. Thus, to clear out these confusions and many others, our team in collaboration with Dr. Angela Lamb who is a dermatologist in NYC made a road map to look at what to use at a particular age.

Skin professional list a few practices that you need to perform every day no matter what your age is. If you have the habit of doing these skin rituals from a very young age, your skin will remain fresh and healthy all through your life.

Below is a list of all these rituals:

Wear sunscreen every day!

Sunscreen helps prevent wrinkles, dark patches, and even cancer.

Invest in your skin care

Yes, it is recommended by all the dermatologists and skin professionals to use good skin care products. After all, you are going to put that stuff on your skin, and you won’t like to use a third-grade quality. The tip is to invest more in the moisturizer than a cleanser.

Exercise, eat well and sleep

Nothing can beat a healthy lifestyle if you want to get a good skin. Even if you buy the most expensive brands, if you are not eating healthy or taking proper sleep, it is somehow going to show up on your skin.

Remember Genetics

Genetics play a very important role in how your skin reacts when you age.

Here is the account of all the things you can do in your 20’s, 30’ and 40’s and beyond.

From age 20-25

When you are in your 20’s, you should try to focus on the hydration of your skin. Do not let your skin get dry. Here are a few tips that can help:

  • Drink a lot of water
  • Regularly use moisturizer
  • Choose a gentle cleanser
  • Start using acne products

From age 25-35

The focus during this period is to prevent your skin from caused unnecessary damage. Prevention also means to take care of the skin on a regular basis. Here are few things you can do:

  • Use the products that contain retinol
  • Get good facials whenever possible
  • If you want to go for botox, this is the time
  • Focus on getting a diet rich in vitamin A and C
  • Always get the opinion of your dermatologist if you are considering to try something new
  • Do not forget to moisturize your skin on regular basis

From age 35-45

This is the time to take some action for your skin. Whether you are considering laser treatments or using fillers. This is the time to decide and experiment.

  • Motorization is the key to healthy skin. Do not forget to moisturize your skin.
  • Consider fillers if you really want to
  • You can go for gentle lasers if you think you need one

From age 45 and onwards

This is the time when your hard work will pay off. If you have taken care of the skin, your skin will look fresh and radiant even after crossing 60.