Method Of Oil Cleansing

What is the Oils Cleansing Method?

It is based upon principals of like dissolves like. The oils are used to clean the skin by dissolving the oil on top of the skin. It is good to do the cleansing.

Acne is everyone’s problem. Your skin gets oily, but cleansing can clean your skin easily

Will Cleansing Method of oils make the skin shiny mess?

This method of oil cleansing can balance your skin’s oil naturally. Your skin produces a lot of oil. By cleansing, you can stop oil which comes from the skin. Oil comes from sebaceous glands but could be removed by this method.

How to wash while using oil with method?

The oil cleansing basic routine should be as follows:

  • Wash your face with warm water then pat dry
  • Then massage oil with fingers on your face for one to two minutes, especially that area which is clogged pores.
  • Apply hot cloth on your face not hot only warm, too hot will burn your face.

Which Cleansing oils are best oils for cleansing?

It is best to utilize astringent oil. You need nourishing oils for your skin.  Oils are according to your skin type. You need to see which type of skin you have dry, oily, etc.

Two types: Oils of astringent

There are two types of astringent oils commonly used:

  • Hazelnut oil
  • Castor oil

It is astringent oil. Castor oil is used less as compare to other cleansing oils. It usually dries the skin. It also does not suit the environment.

Oils that nourish makes your skin glow and makes it shine.

The most common oils are coconut oil and olive oil. These are used most of the time. Some people do not feel that it shows good results. Every oil is not good for every person’s skin. You need to see which suits you or you need to try different oil cleansing methods for best results.

  • Basic tricks of oil cleansing blend formula

For different skin combinations following should be the cleansing blend formula:

  1. When you have normal skin, and it turns to oily skin then use one part oil of astringent to three part of nourishing oils.
  2. For the combination of skin use one part of astringent oil to five nourishing oils parts.
  3. When you have dry skin, then use one part for astringent oil to ten part nourishing oils.
  • After how many days the skin cleansing should be done?

Your face has a lot of dirt when you wake up and leave your home. The pollution, smoke, mud, petrol, the polluted air, etc. attack your face. You need to do the cleansing. You should cleanse your face with proper oil which suits your face. Cleansing should be done after at least fourteen days.

Why cleansing is important?

Following are the advantages of cleansing skin:

  • You look fresh.
  • You look neat and presentable
  • You do not have acne
  • Your makeup stays and looks perfect.
  • Without cleansing, you have blackheads on your face.
  • Your face gets free from wrinkles for a long time. Therefore, cleansing is important in life.