Tips For Good Hair

Hair reflects your personality and health. When they are kept under proper care, they complement your beauty. On the contrary, when you do not care about them, you only end up having dull, dry and brittle hair which leads your hair to fall quickly, causes dandruff and form split ends. Following are the suggestions for having good hair:

  • Well balance Diet: For the reduction or prevention of hair loss, a well-balanced diet having good amounts of calcium silica, and iron is advisable. For having a diet rich in minerals, consumption of vegetables having green leaves, particularly sea vegetables is suggested. Raw oat is a good source of silica. Consume a lot of iron-containing foods, like liver (not recommended during pregnancy) and other organ meat, eggs, whole grain cereals, dates, vegetables with dark green leave, and raisins. Naturally, the hair is made up mainly of protein, that’s why, for the support of hair growth, stick to a high protein diet.
  • Regular Trimming: Go for regularly trimming of your hair (recommendation is of about once in every two months). The reason behind this is that trimming is vital for the achievement of layers which is a necessary element for reshaping of hair.
  • Combing: Comb your hair only when they are dry. Combing wet hair causes them to break down easily and leads to their destruction.
  • Choose a simple Shampoo: Select and purchase simple, inexpensive shampoos that only claims to remove the dirt and the oil away. Whenever you use shampoo with a more complex formula and of a high price, it always ends up with doing nothing really great to your hair.
  • Conditioners: These are recommended when you feel dryness and lifelessness in your hair. In this case, washing of hair infrequently is advised. For the proper application of conditioner, condition only the downward layers of your hair and do not apply it on your scalp. Moreover, excessive conditioning causes our hair to become hard that tend towards their breakdown.
  • The way of Sleeping: Combing your hair before sleeping at night. Put any band, clip or ponytail off from your hair. In fact, your hair is affected by the position of your sleeping. Insomniac people tend to have breaks in their hair. For people with insomnia, use a pillowcase of satin is recommended. In this way, your hair flow when you change your position during sleep. On the other hand, the use of regular cotton pillows makes the hair to caught and crack.
  • The pattern of Washing: Everybody has different types of hair. The type of your hair is the determinant of the regime of your cleansing. According to this, some people may require washing their hair on a daily basis, others after one day, and some may require to shampoo only one time per week. The temperature of water also matters here. It should be normal neither very hot nor very cold. For smooth massaging or scrubbing the scalp always use your fingertips. In this case, avoid using your nails. Rinsing your hair properly is also recommended for the complete removal of the shampoo out of your hair.